Children should fill their playtime hours with energy and imagination, challenging their minds and bodies to grow strong. Before Playstation, Wii, or X-box…before cable or satellite TV… before Facebook's creator was born…lucky kids controlled their own destinies with the aid of the simple treehouse.

Give your favorite kids the gift of space travel, pirate battles, rescue missions, submarine excursions and more. Watch them challenge themselves with discoveries and inventions. They'll move their bodies and build coordination skills with fun accessories like slides, swings, ladders and monkey bars.

With a professionally-constructed Tree Loft, a child can savor freedom in a safe, nearby environment. We custom-create for you — anything from a simple traditional all-wood model, to a more modern version with amenities like electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, and many other "real house" features.

Help your child create a new world. Let's build a Tree Loft!